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Changing Our Attitudes About Real Estate

This blog post is not intended to criticize any other Realtors or for that fact, any other real estate brokerages.  Frankly, I do not believe that any of us in this profession should tear down other agents or organizations in order to build up our own businesses.  Why?

Because it hinges on the inner core of what our soul needs for life-giving approval:  compassion, trust, security and hope.

The way we conduct our business affairs really says a lot about how we see ourselves.

And though our real estate company understands the importance of spreadsheets, and market penetration, and quality assurance, and client retention, and the sort, we ultimately subscribe to the premise that our business is not entirely contingent on all the comparable business paradigms that are available for analyses and approval.

Oh yes, competition and stress have two real sides to their realities – the good and the bad.  And yes, these cannot be fully avoided unless one operates in a state of denial, and probably, within a stagnant and self-preserved business model – pragmatically speaking.

But we can view competition and stress as we view ourselves within their constructs.  We have the opportunity to bring an art and skill to the craft of doing real estate professionally, even when some of our days are crammed full of details and seemingly impossibilities.

This concept is not found in the clouds of idealism.  Rather, it’s located down deep within each of us who wants to look at business from a different perspective.

We certainly can approach our businesses with regards to how we handle tasks and people from a renewed perspective, being thankful for our business opportunities and searching for the good instead of perseverating on the mundane and the bad.

For instance, we can look at our competition as part of our extended team or group or tribe.  We can treat our competition with a spirit of cooperation instead of being predatory, even if this applies to our direct agent or brokerage competitor or if it applies to the mortgage, title, appraisal, contractor, attorney or any other industry participant in the real estate construct.

I have found that cooperation, especially if the obstacles seem insurmountable, is the best way to do real estate with true art and skill to this wonderful craft of a business.

Remember, how we treat our businesses is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves in this life.

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Portions of this article are written by Gordon, as framed by the expressed opinions of Cherise, but not proofread.

By Cherise Selley

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