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What it means to be a Christian Realtor – The Real Deal

As we enter into the Christmas season, it’s ironic that I’ve been asked what it means to be a Christian Realtor and secondarily, what makes a marketplace ministry?

Within the Colorado Springs Real Estate business culture, it seems like everyone is looking, observing, and evaluating the competitive marketplace. From this reference point, first impressions eventually form images, which then become fixed ideas or truths about who you are and how you manage your operations – especially for those who cast out the branding of being a Christian business.

Regardless of your professional brand, mixing business and Christianity often produces murky results. It’s as if people repel because they do not want to be targeted evangelically. I do not blame them. And the thoughts of a “fish-sign” attached as a logo often symbolizes poor integrity and a wish-washy work ethic. Too often, it seems as if the name of Jesus Christ is casually thrown around as a common marketing hook, misused in the concept of blessing, and is supposed to automatically excuse sloppy performance and accountability. Assuredly, this is not what Jesus Christ had intended for those who pursue marketplace businesses.

As a Colorado Springs Realtor, I want to assure you that operating as a Christian Realtor has not been an easy job. Besides the numerous challenges of outside market influences, many of my greatest struggles have dealt with opposing trials, those that try to deceive me about the true character of God.

Nevertheless, trials have forced me to make decisions on behalf of the company to take huge steps of faith. A few examples include following through on faith-based marketing ideas when the vision was unclear, sowing hundreds of thousands of dollars into other ministries when it did not seem possible and simply, praying and relying on God for the next steps that I, as well as Gordon, take each day in this unpredictable business.

To me, the underlying meaning of what it means to be a Christian Realtor is not an identity that can be fully mastered on earth. In other words, it’s different than what most conjure up about a vocation. Gordon and I aren’t furiously running around the track of life as fast as we can nor are we trying to run more laps against our competitors for the top prize given by this world.

Rather, our career becomes clearer to us each day through faith. Instead of the running track, think of a blank canvas of life. God is the artist and we are the instruments of His hand. As we make the plans, He helps us to draw a portrait of life through faith and love. In the end, the vitality and creativity of abundant life is much better than we might have ever created by our own efforts.

Simply, for Gordon and me, it’s all about cementing our eternal purpose for which we were created for and doing good works through the construct of Colorado Springs Real Estate.

Top 1% in sales, Cherise Selley, a Christian Realtor, assists internet relocation clients with real estate in Colorado Springs and the Tri-Lakes areas.

Feel free to contact Colorado Springs Realtors at Selley Group Real Estate, LLC: 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 - 719. 598. 5101

Portions of this article are written by Gordon, as framed by the expressed opinions of Cherise, but not proofread.

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