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Colorado Springs Realtor – The Online 3/3 Approach

For those who insist on driving “old-school” marketing tactics on our consumer-driven internet, I encourage you to rethink your approach.

Some of the past tenants of guerilla marketing have included statistical sales strategies to capture various target audiences. But these times are much different. And when you try to self-promote as being the best, or the cheapest, or the most convenient, or discounting your commissions, or providing the fastest service, the odds are that you’re not going to capture the audience you’re trying to pursue through social networking.

Social marketing is far different from “old-school” advertising. It’s far more difficult to accurately figure out actual leads from visits, clicks and demographics. Social marketing is out-of-the-box, demanding its own way, being similar to organic, interrelated development than that of guerilla tactics, which is driven by all kinds of competitive juices and persuasive strategies.

Because social networking is very time-consuming, here are three-pointers to help you with your marketing proficiency.

  1. Boundaries: When you’re directly contacted via email, for instance, offer your services (3) times to this particular lead before you ask to earn his or her business.
  2. Time: It is recommended that you carefully manage your time, limiting either written responses or IM chats to (3) minutes. This amount of time is sufficient to create an adequate first impression, as well as for you to determine if this client is viable for your business.
  3. Ask: After you’ve had (3) relevant contacts with your perspective lead, it is time to ask for his or her business.

The outcomes from this Online 3/3 approach will help to manage your time with those leads who are still unsure whether or not they want to connect with your business model. As a Colorado Springs Realtor, of course, these are baseline protocols. Once your lead decides to work with you, then your investment of time and resources will prove more profitable in the long run.

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Portions of this article are written by Gordon, as framed by the expressed opinions of Cherise, but not proofread.

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