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Colorado Springs Real Estate Spring Season is Here

Spring Season

Today is February 25th, and I’m telling you the Spring season is already here, not concerning baseball, but in terms of the flurry about Colorado Springs Real Estate.

Sellers and buyers are getting off the fence and are now confidently getting back into real estate, whether that relates to our local market or from another region of the United States as relocation inquiries continue to gain momentum.

Empirically speaking, our phones are ringing off the hook and our internet leads have doubled since last month.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, believes that the rental advantage of the landlords will begin to tip in favor of home ownership, as we peruse through 2011 into 2012.

Yun states, “…existing home sales are projected to rise 8 percent to nearly 5.3 million units nationwide this year and possibly to 5.5 million in 2012. At this level, home ownership is solid, but it’s also sustainable given our population growth.”

From my experience, this lines up to the practical side with what’s happening in our local market. Throughout the years, consumer confidence has been the one of the variables that seems to fuel the real estate train, regardless of the economics. And that’s what is happening right now.

If you’re considering on buying Colorado Springs Real Estate properties, I encourage you to take advantage of the low interest rates, as these will increase as more properties are acquired during this upsurge in consumer confidence.

Feel free to contact Colorado Springs CO Realtor, Cherise Selley – Broker/Owner of Selley Group Real Estate, LLC: 2139 Chuckwagon Rd, Ste 210 - Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919 - 719. 598. 5101

Portions of this article are written by Gordon, as framed by the expressed opinions of Cherise, but not proofread.

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Colorado Springs Real Estate Spring Season is Here
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